Scientists used to think that our genes determined pretty much everything about us. But as science progresses, particularly in the field of epigenetics, research is confirming that human DNA is more like a blueprint, with control switches that can be turned on or off by our experiences.

A person’s thoughts can literally influence which of their DNA switches are activated and which are not. So, it looks like we may have far more control over our destinies than was every previously thought possible.

Past thinking really limited people’s perceptions of what they could or could not achieve. Our genes were thought to determine our intelligence, our abilities and talents, and even our mental and emotional outlook on life. Our potential was the result of the genes we inherited and that was that.

The good news is that it appears our self talk is one of the biggest determinants in which of our DNA switches are turned off or turned on. It’s exciting to realise that your future, who you choose to become and what you choose to experience in life is actually up to you. Your choices are informed by your internal dialogue, your inner champion, which influences your beliefs about what is possible.