About Me

I realise now from a very young age I had high anxiety.

As is often the way, in some areas of life I was confident. I could “talk a good talk”!

Yet, honestly, there was always an underlying sense of dread. A nagging lack of belief in myself and my own sense of worthiness. I simply did not feel like I was ever good enough. 

As is common with people who are anxious, I thought it was just me. Just me who couldn’t cope, fit in or measure up. 

I struggled with self-sabotaging habits like  procrastination, overthinking and people pleasing. Trying to deny painful feelings with an over-positive mindset. Leaving me feeling like an imposter. 

Because of my ‘perfectionist’ tendencies, I never felt able to share my insecurities, for fear I would be judged or thought less of in some way. Ultimately, the unconscious belief I held was a fear of rejection and the abandonment that lies beneath. 

I have a wonderful partner, two amazing children and great friendships.

Still, I kept my life small – never really stretching myself though I had, as it is with everyone, my own unique talents and abilities.

Anxiety results when the nervous system becomes dysregulated and our unconscious takes over decision making.  Anxiety is always related to the root cause of feeling unsafe and it’s compensated for with over-controlling. 

I tried to control everything I could.

I managed to keep it together until 2011. By this time I had been stuck in these cycles of behaviour for more than 30 years . I was sleeping only about one hour a night. Virtually on the point of physical collapse and complete emotional overwhelm , I finally started to look for a solution.  

I realised that I can’t and don’t need to try to survive on my own and do everything by myself. For the first time I gave myself permission to prioritise my own needs and wellbeing. 

Searching for answers can be daunting. My presenting issue was insomnia and I tried so many types of therapy and natural remedies. Though I experienced some improvement, poor sleep remained an issue. 

Real understanding and healing began when I encountered the work of Marisa Peer, one of the most prominent therapists in the field of the mind. I set out to explore the incredible power of the mind and body connection.

I started to appreciate the importance of tackling the ‘root-cause’ behind any presenting issue.

Following the process, I experienced dramatic improvements, not only in my sleep but in my attitude to myself.  I was beginning to feel calmer  & enjoy greater clarity of mind. I noticed that day by day I was more optimistic, hopeful,  courageous.  

I decided that I wanted to help others overcome their anxiety and trauma , so they too could enjoy all that life really has to offer.  

I was fortunate to be accepted into Marisa Peer’s Graduate Training Programme and qualified as a Rapid Transformational Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2016.

Since then I have also qualified in Anxiety Recovery, Level 4 with the National Council for Further Education.

Many of us have healed from a traumatic past, and I’m one of those people. I teach the science, the symptoms and effective strategies for recovering from anxiety and trauma. 

I specifically developed the Core Change Program for my clients. It reflects my learning & understanding of what is required to build a firm foundation for full recovery.  It is a clear, gentle, yet powerful approach for healing and change. 

It’s a massive privilege to support people in their recovery too.  A few years ago, before I began this journey, I would never have believed this outcome.

My Help

My own experiences mean I can show you how to be free from self-sabotage and destructive life limiting thoughts & behaviours. To calm and re-regulate your overwhelmed nervous system. To build a strong foundation for healing and change. 

You will begin to experience what it is to be naturally confident,  happy,  resilient and really at ease.

With a sense of true well-being, increased vitality and inner strength you can move life in the direction you want it to go. No longer being controlled by unhealthy, unconscious behaviours.  

Stop struggling. You can make things work for you. You can help yourself feel good and better, which is always the first step. 

Work through the inner blocks and mental resistance and stop blaming the external situation. It’s you and only you who can make those changes and you don’t have to do it alone.  I have been there and recovered. 

True fulfillment and happiness is available to you. There is still hope!  The Core Change Program is specifically designed to support you in your recovery, change and transformation. Contact Me.