The Process – The Core Change Program

The Core Change Program is suitable for all people – adults, children, teenagers.

The Discovery Session

I provide a free no obligation 30-minute consultation either by telephone, zoom or in person.  We discuss your issue together. I  answer any questions you may have about the Core Change Program.  If you feel I am the therapist for you then we book in your 1st session.

To book a Discovery call, please complete the ‘Contact Me’ form or phone me direct. 

The Core Change Sessions

The work we do together is about practical healing. 

My approach is gentle & systematic. Humans are not hardwired to stay stuck. We become stuck, it happens to us. Then via neuroplasticity (the body & brains ability to learn, change and grow) in a progressive way we heal and transform.

The Core Change Program addresses the 3 essential components for effective healing:

  • Nervous system re-balance forms the foundation. Balancing the biology of our bodies is the bedrock for recovery & change.
  • Subconscious work to embed the changes we want to see in our thinking and behaviours.
  • Cognitive work.  Growing our understanding and awareness of our emotional patterns of feeling, thinking & behaving.  Tuning into our emotions so we can re-regulate and restore balance much more quickly.

There are no quick fixes, but there is stuff that works. If someone is promising a quick fix, I would recommend you investigate further. Lasting change is progressive. It requires you to put in the work to reap the rewards.

Benefits of the Core Change Program

You will get a handle on your worry, overwhelm, anxiety and self-doubt.

You will learn how to build a strong foundation mentally, emotionally and biologically.

You will learn to trust yourself again.

Over time you will return to the balance zone.

It is absolutely possible to feel calm, secure, peaceful. To be happy, hopeful, content. I am not giving you coping skills. Instead we are learning how to change our brains and reset our nervous system. How to think, feel and behave responsibly, realistically and healthily.

The only reason we need to heal, change and transform is to not want to be struggling anymore. Anyone who experiences excessive worry, overwhelm, depression, OCD, anxiety – lives a half life. Never quite knowing what it is to be at peace.

You can change and heal. It’s a process and requires your total commitment, but if you are ready to give your all … I am here to help.



£50.00 for each 75 minute session. 

Teens & Children

£38.00 for each 75 minute session.

My job is to support and empower all my clients to reclaim their lives fully & on their own terms. I personally don’t believe someone needs months or years to experience profound breakthroughs & begin the change process.

All of us should be able to :

  • Feel comfortable in our own skin.
  • Feel good enough.
  • Value and care for ourselves and our needs without guilt.
  • Express our thoughts, feelings & ideas easily without the fear of shame or judgement.
  • Seek mutually satisfying & nurturing relationships.
  • Set goals for ourselves based  on a healthy set of values. 
  • Feel like we have meaning & purpose.
  • Be balanced body & mind.

If you are 100% SICK OF BEING SICK and committed to your healing and change  – you’re  in the right place.  Book a Discovery call with me now.