Client Success Stories

Happy Teenager

My 15 year old daughter had been suffering with very high anxiety and feelings of low self worth. She was very withdrawn and told me that life was not worth living. I was so worried. I searched in my local area for someone who could help. We had previously tried counselling but there was no real change in how she felt about herself or her outlook on life. 

I found Tracy via her website . I booked to see her for the no obligation discovery meeting and obviously brought my daughter.  She is wonderful, very welcoming and easy to be around. My daughter does not like meeting new people and the silences can be awkward.

Tracy treated her with great respect, as an equal and really connected with her. I booked my daughter onto the Core Change Program and it’s been wonderful. The subtle but profound change in her behaviour, her outlook on life and even her appearance is phenomenal. 

Tracy is so supportive and caring and has a natural affinity for working with teenagers. I have recommended her to several friends who are experiencing challenges with their teens. 

BW (45 yrs) , Dorset

Freedom from Anxious Thinking

I found Tracy whilst searching on the internet for help with what I realised was terrible anxiety. The Covid-19 pandemic triggered feelings of intense fear and panic in me and I knew I could no longer suffer like this. I contacted her for a free chat and was blown away by her deep understanding of how I was feeling. I knew she could help me. It was amazing for me that she too had experienced trauma resulting in her anxiety and had overcome it. I felt like she really got me.  

Because of the social distancing requirements in place, my sessions have been done via Zoom. I would have preferred face to face but actually it has worked really well. I have deep dived into my emotional programming and released limiting beliefs about myself and what I feel I can achieve. My stubborn mental blocks, including self doubt and a massive issue with procrastination have gently started to melt away. I find that everyday I understand myself a little bit better. I am being kinder to myself,  feeling calmer and with the greatest clarity of mind I can ever recall having.  I am so grateful for everything Tracy has done for me. 

JM (37yrs), Hampshire

Anger Issues

I found Tracy online when I was looking for solutions to what had become a serious issue for me – my intense feelings of rage. I had already ruined several relationships because of my unpredictable temper. I never hit anybody but could feel this intensity inside of me a lot of the time. I would rage at the seemingly most trivial of things , but be able to hold my calm in my highly stressful professional role. It didn’t make sense to me until I started researching emotional trauma.  I knew I couldn’t do this alone, and though there are great online resources in terms of free videos and courses, I wanted to work through this with a therapist.  

Tracy has been wonderful in walking me through the healing steps.  She is all about self-directed healing.  I feel I understand myself so much more and am empowered to continue on my change and transformation journey. I am calmer more of the time and know how to recalibrate myself when I feel anger, frustration or rage building within me.  I have released much of the stuck emotions which lie at the root of my presenting issue.  I don’t simply react when something triggers me. I am able to stand back and decide what my response / action will be. It’s amazing how quickly these changes have become who I am.  I have a solid foundation to continue with my journey through life. 

VK (28 yrs), London

Self -Sabotage/ Self Belief

A friend of mine had worked with Tracy about a year ago. I have seen first hand, the wonderful change in confidence that my friend has experienced as a result.  

Of course I knew I had issues but kept putting off doing anything about it. 

Because of the Covid-19 lockdown I was spending so much time on my own without the usual distractions of everyday life. It was then I decided it was time to do some change work.

I contacted Tracy and discussed my issues with her in a friendly, informal  online chat.  She really inspires confidence in you that healing and change are possible. 

I knew Tracy had experienced anxiety for years and recovered. This really meant I felt connected to her and not judged. 

I have worked with her over the last 10 weeks and completed the Core Change Program. It has been wonderful to slowly see the changes in both my emotions and my physical well being unfolding.  I am releasing self doubt and the procrastination and perfectionism that have run alongside them. I feel much more courageous and inspired to take on new challenges, instead of playing small like I used too. It feels very empowering. 

It’s amazing to me that after so long feeling stuck, I already feel so free. Thank you Tracy from the bottom of my heart. 

AM (31 yrs), Sussex