Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy™?

Rapid Transformational Therapy was developed by Marisa Peer. She based her pioneering approach to recoding the brain on 30 years of practising therapy . The best practices, she believes, are a good reflection of her career success as a psychologist and hypnotherapist.

With her extensive training and experience, Marisa has put together the most effective components from cognitive behavior therapy, hypnosis, psychotherapy, and neuro linguistic programming.

This is not to say RTT is just a mishmash of therapy practices thrown together.

Rapid Transformational Therapy posits that with the right therapist and guided by the unconventional idea of quick self-healing, you don’t need years worth of therapy sessions or a lifetime to learn, master, and change your thought processes and belief systems.

Does it work?

Yes. As long as you are 100% committed to wanting change to take place. Results can vary from person to person but hypnosis & in particular Rapid Transformational Therapy has worked & continues to work for thousands of people just like you, no matter the issue. It’s simple, effective & proven.

Will I be asleep?

No. You are awake, alert and fully aware of everything that is happening throughout the session.

Will I be under your power during hypnosis

No. You are totally in charge. You cannot be made to do anything and you cannot be taken into hypnosis against your will. It is your experience, I am here simply to facilitate you.

How will I feel during & after?

During your session, you will feel relaxed & comfortable. Hypnosis is a natural state that you experience in your day to day life so it won’t feel unfamiliar. Everyone is different and so are their experiences. Whether you feel excited, calm and relaxed or reflective, you will always leave a session with a deeper sense of understanding and empowerment.

What if I cannot be hypnotised?

You can. Everyone can. So long as you wish to enter hypnosis, you will. A belief in the possibility of positive change is a good starting place. Research has shown that the level of the trance experienced does not correlate to the beneficial results that can be experienced.

Why must I listen to a recording as part of the process?

I create a personalised recording for you to listen to everyday for a minimum of 60 days (approximately 2 months) as this is the time it takes to really begin embedding new, positive and powerful patterns of behaviour in your brain’s neural structure.

You must commit to listening to this as part of the ‘transformation’ process. The recording is approximately 20 minutes long.

I am finding it hard to relax, do you have any tips?

The good news is that listening to a hypnosis recording is one of the best ways to learn how to relax your mind and body. Simply let go and cheerfully accept the fact that you will probably not feel hypnotised, because the fact is that there is no such thing as a hypnotised feeling. Choose to enjoy the process and let the positive suggestions in, knowing that your brain is growing new, healthy transformative neural pathways each time you listen. Your thoughts, feelings and behaviours are being adjusted in just the right direction for you.

Does it matter if I fall asleep when I listen to my recordings?

Hypnosis can be a natural segway into sleep and it is not uncommon for people to drift off to sleep whilst listening to a recording. The subconscious mind never sleeps, so the new, positive patterns of behaviour are being absorbed and installed in the subconscious whether you are fully aware or not.

Is hypnosis suitable for everyone?

Hypnotherapy is suitable for almost everybody. However, some people should not be induced into a state of hypnosis. This includes people who are psychotically ill . It is not that the hypnosis is the problem – psychotic illnesses require highly specific, specialised treatment outside of the remit of hypnotherapy. Other people who are unsuitable are those who suffer with epilepsy. There is a possibility that the state of hypnosis could trigger a convulsion, as some epileptic conditions are triggered by a change in brainwave activity. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, however, both from a professional and ethical standpoint, I have a duty of care to my clients. Therefore, I cannot and will not give any medical advice. If you are in any doubt as to your suitability to experience hypnotherapy, please consult your doctor or medical professional.

When will I notice the results of hypnotherapy?

Each person is unique and everyone’s experience of hypnotherapy is also unique. As a result each person will experience positive transformation at different rates of change and time periods. Some people notice results immediately or after only a few days. For others it may take weeks or even months before realising the significant changes in their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. This is all completely normal.

Change is rarely an “Aha” moment. It is generally something that happens without us noticing at first. Each of us has our own unique internal world and we each have our own timeframe for change. All change takes place as a result of a process. Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective means of bringing about permanent, positive and lasting change, even when we are not immediately aware of the changes taking place at a neurological level.

Can I be assured of confidentiality?

Totally. All my clients are assured of confidentiality about any disclosed material, in accordance with professional codes of ethics. I never contact other practitioners or doctors who the client may also be under, without the client’s express permission. I destroy inactive files after five years in order to assure clients total confidentiality. Please see the Privacy Policy section on the website for more information.

What if I can’t attend a session in person?

Online Sessions are available for clients out of my geographical area. Online sessions are equally as effective as face to face. I use Zoom which is reliable, easy & free for you. All instructions are provided prior to a session taking place.

How much do I charge?

The 8-Session Core Change Program costs £400.00. This includes:

  • 10 hours of one to one therapy (each session = 1 hour, 15 minutes)
  • Email/ Text support outside of sessions
  • Comprehensive Written & audio materials
  • Click on The Core Change Program tab for more information on the entire Program offering

I personally don’t believe someone needs months and years of therapy to experience profound breakthroughs and begin the change process.

The Core Change Program is specifically structured to build a strong foundation for clients to begin and then grow in their healing and change. And to be confident in their skills and abilities to continue the process after our sessions together are completed.

What payment types do you accept?

Paypal, Direct BACS transfer.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you must cancel an appointment due to an emergency or illness, please provide 24 hours notice by phoning or emailing. 

Are you insured and DBS checked?

Yes, I am fully insured and DBS checked. You can request copies of my certificates if necessary.